Reduce errors and boost revenue with fast & flexible training

We supply cutting-edge training to help your business operate at peak performance.

What We Do

Empower your business to thrive by enhancing your bottom line with our dynamic online courses, interactive live workshops, and captivating webinars.

Online Courses

On-demand enrollment for learners needing flexibility in training and completion time. (Knowledge testing & certificate of completion provided.)

In-person Seminars

Hands-on, intensive training programs covering non-ferrous topics and more. Each seminar provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills. (Hands-on training certificate of completion provided.)


Why Choose Us

Business owners find themselves deeply immersed in the intricacies of their business operations, facing the daunting reality of diminishing profits due to unintentional mistakes and disputes. Amidst these challenges, the struggle to allocate time and resources for effective staff training prevails, leaving many unsure of where to start in mitigating these issues.

The prospect of losing precious profits as expenses for raw materials, transportation, equipment, and labor rise can be daunting.

At Recycled Material University (RMU), we specialize in assisting businesses to provide innovative and engaging training solutions, enabling their businesses to function at optimum efficiency.


Courses designed to fit your schedule.


Learn from industry leaders.


Make a tangible difference in sustainability.

Who we work with


Businesses looking to decrease errors and

increase revenue.


Individuals looking to bolster their current knowledge or shift career paths.

Every business owner deserves to make the money they are owed

Reduce errors and claims.
Speed up processing.
Keep more of YOUR money.