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It’s alarming to watch profit go out the window to errors and claims as business costs continue to rise. Without a modern and efficient training solution, turnover increases as morale and productivity plummet.

We believe every business owner deserves to make the money they are owed while every individual deserves to be adequately trained & provided all they need to succeed.

We understand how concerning it is to lose money and still be uncertain and ill-equipped to turn things around.

Recycled Materials University helps employees properly identify all metals, lessening the learning curve and saving loads of time and money.

Sign up or speak with one of our friendly staff members today and see just how our customized learning solutions will bring you peace of mind, more confidence in your staff, and more cash in your pocket.

A message from the CEO

Hi there,

Welcome to Recycled Materials University (RMU) – your new partner in transforming recycling from a mere practice to a profit driver. My journey began nearly fifteen years ago, and through diverse roles and experiences, it’s been a thrilling learning adventure, ultimately birthing RMU due to a need for practical, comprehensive recycling education.

At RMU, we demystify recycling. Our well-structured online courses, live workshops, and webinars are centered on recyclable materials identification and handling. We’re dedicated to improving operational efficiencies, deepening industry knowledge, and boosting your bottom line.

Inspired by my journey, our vision at RMU is to reshape recycling into a lucrative business venture for you; whether you’re engaged in the processing loop or the manufacturing segment of this circular economy, we’re committed to facilitating communication, promoting teamwork, and nurturing shared understanding – the key ingredients for business growth and industry innovation.

Our guiding principles at RMU are continuous improvement, education, collaboration, and community. These core values steer our quest to deliver updated, relevant, and impactful education in the fast-paced recycling landscape.

We’re proud of the community we’ve nurtured at RMU, a collaborative network of professionals sharing knowledge and experiences. This mutual exchange fosters a stronger, more profitable recycling industry that benefits all parties.

Join us on this journey towards a greener, more profitable future. Together, we can turn education and collaboration into profits and sustainability.

Looking forward to our shared success,

Best Regards,

Kate Fraser
Founder, CEO

Transform Your Business with RMU

Invest in your team's growth and your business's future with RMU. Our comprehensive, flexible, and industry-specific training solutions are designed to empower your employees and enhance your operational efficiency. With RMU's annual subscription, you're not just enrolling in courses; you're committing to excellence and innovation in the recycling industry.

Take the Next Step in Your Recycling Career

With RMU, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re investing in a future where your passion and profession align. Embrace the opportunity to grow, network, and advance in the recycling industry with the specialized, flexible, and recognized education we offer.

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Businesses looking to decrease errors and

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