In-person Seminars

Hands-on, intensive training providing tangible skills. Each seminar will focus on non-ferrous.

Mastering Metal

Expert Identification Techniques for Non-Ferrous Metals

Recycled Materials University (RMU) offers specialized training sessions on the identification techniques for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass. These sessions, guided by Frank Savena, an experienced industry professional, delve into the grades, compositions, and practical applications of these metals.

Perfect for professionals aiming to enhance their industry knowledge, these tailored training sessions can be held as part of scheduled events or at your site. Ideal for those in materials management, metal buying, or anyone with a passion for recycling, our sessions provide valuable insights to further your career.

What to expect

Expert knowledge

Learn from a facilitator with extensive experience across various sectors of the non-ferrous metal industry.

Practical skills

Equip yourself with the knowledge to identify these metals.

Networking opportunities

Access to a network of industry professionals, opening doors to collaboration and career growth in the recycling sector.

Meet Your


With over 40 years working in the industry, I have helped many companies grow, improve their processes, and increase their sales. The wealth of experience I’ve gathered over the years is vast, starting from my early days in the copper and brass smelting industry. I spent 25 years with copper and brass smelters in all capacities of the business, sorting metal, blending and melting metal, and working as an assistant metallurgist, scrap metal buyer, materials manager, and ingot salesman. This significant portion of my career was with I. Schumann & Co. Inc. and The Federal Metal Co.

Frank Savena

Following my time with the brass smelters, I spent seven years with PSC Metals, where I began in charge of copper and brass sales. This position also tasked me with implementing uniform processes across 42 locations. After three years with PSC Metals, I transitioned to Cronimet Trading, where I served as the Director of Non-Ferrous Trading. My responsibilities included managing a yard in Mexico, a non-ferrous brokerage division, and a copper hedge position. Additionally, I oversaw a trading office in Shanghai, China. By 2010, we had become the third-largest importer of copper/brass into Ningbo Port, China.

A couple of years later, I returned to PSC Metals as Director of International Non-Ferrous Sales. We retained the trading office in Shanghai, and I began a copper hedge position with IEP, the parent company of PSC Metals, owned by Carl Ichan. As PSC continued to grow, I also took on the additional responsibility for a 3.5 million pound per month aluminum toll position. However, after four years at PSC, as top management was changing, it became clear that it was time to move on.

The next chapter of my career took me to Beck Aluminum for three years. Here, my primary focus was on operations, scrap buying, and business development. A key accomplishment during this period was building a new aluminum smelter for Beck Aluminum in Houston, TX. This was a ground-up build, with the plant designed to melt aluminum wheels and produce ingot and sow.

Following the successful completion and commencement of the new plant, I moved to C&Y Global USA. Here, I aided in the domestic marketing and growth of their Cleveland, Ohio, location. As the restrictions increased and continued to be uncertain in China, I shifted gears to join Timken Steel, managing their non-ferrous operation in Akron, Ohio. I was proud to triple the non-ferrous business within two years.

Eventually, I relocated to Dallas, Texas, to assist some old friends with the expansion and growth of their new recycling operation, Geomet Recycling. I spent three fruitful years at Geomet, buying scrap, selling finished products, and helping train employees. Together, we cultivated the Geomet name into a mark of excellence in the industry.

In the late 90s, I served as a trainer for the ISRIs copper and brass portion of their Metals ID Seminars. Now, at 58 years of age (yes, I started very young, like so many in an industry that is/ was very much a family-owned industry), I am semi-retired. However, I remain dedicated to spreading the knowledge that I have gained over my lengthy career. It is my hope to help others grow in an industry that will always be needed: Recycling.

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